Brand Values

High Quality

We only use high quality materials for our products. The only corners we cut are the ones to make a perfect diamond.



We believe in quality and strength in name and reality. All of our products are engineered to last.


Trust and prosperity stem from strong human relationships. Our focus is to create these with both our customers and our wholesale partners.

What our customers say

Safety Razor
Great safety razor and not too heavy. I went from a Gillette fusion pro glide to this and it really gives a good close shave. The shaving razor are shark great quality.

Optimus NYC

Straight Razor
This product is perfect in many ways!!! Is sturdy, comfortable to use and comes with everything you need. Not just that this company actually cares about its customer satisfaction they want to assure you are happy with the product and hands down will make you a permanent customer with a quality product and an excellent approach with customer service. I highly recommend this product and company to anyone!!

Stephan S.

I have grabbed a few errant hairs so far, but nothing serious. Your tweezers do seem to be extremely high quality and won out over the Tweezerman equivalent due to price. I was impressed your product came with some basic directions on proper use and care. Although I feel I am well supplied in the common sense area, I picked up a tip or two. What I most look forward to is impressing the next female in my life with small details such as having these high quality tweezers on hand.

Paul C.


About us

Classic Necessity delivers high quality beauty products. We do it in style. Our purpose is simple, make it look good and work amazing. Quality is our mission. To stay competitive we understand that bringing the top engineered products to the market requires a constant desire to improve.

Our Mission

To deliver products to our customers that raise expectations and leave a lasting impression.

Our Products

From the procurement of raw material to packing, all the phases of the process are conducted under the same roof. This ensures and facilitates our interference at any stage of the process, which makes it possible for us to achieve perfection.